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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Many financial aid options are available to graduate students including scholarships, paid Graduate Student Worker positions, private or government loans, as well as optional paid cooperative education. Just last year RIT provided over $19 million in financial support to approximately 2,200 graduate students.

While Saunders College Admissions oversees final admissions decisions and scholarship awards, the RIT Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships website provides a full range of resources to assist you in planning your finances for your graduate education.

See our Costs and Tuition information for attending Saunders College to find details on tuition, estimated costs, and payment options information via the RIT Financial Aid webpages.


Scholarships are financial awards given to students which are posted directly towards their tuition bill.

20% Scholarship for Students from RIT and 4+1 Partner Schools

Saunders College of Business recognizes RIT students and students from our 4+1 Partner Schools by offering them a minimum 20% scholarship. This scholarship does require students to complete a full application and be fully admitted without conditions.

Admissions Scholarships

Saunders College of Business awards admissions scholarships to accepted students at the time of acceptance. The awards are determined after a review of all application materials and therefore cannot be determined until applications are completed in full.

Merit Awards

Each year many generous alumni and corporate donors contribute funds to dozens of Saunders College of Business Merit Awards. Like Scholarships, these donations enable the Saunders College to distribute Merit Awards to Saunders College of Business students who have demonstrated strong leadership abilities and who have excelled within their academic programs.

After earning a minimum of 9 credits, students may apply for a Merit Award. To apply, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.70, and must have earned a minimum of 9 (and a maximum of 36 credit hours) from Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • Awardees must be enrolled in a Saunders College of Business graduate program.
  • PREP students are not eligible for Saunders College Merit Awards.
  • Executive MBA students are not eligible for Saunders College Merit Awards.
  • Apply for a Saunders College of Business Merit Award

    Please submit your application electronically (all submissions must be electronic only) to by the April 15 deadline.

Graduate Student Work Positions

Saunders College also has student worker positions available that allow the student an opportunity to work with a faculty or professional staff member. Students may apply for available positions at orientation.

During the semester, students work with the faculty or professional staff member on projects, research, benchmarking, and various other tasks. Students receive a paycheck for the hours worked as a graduate student worker.

Co-op & Internships

Internships and cooperative education or "co-ops" are optional for MBA students. Co-ops give MBA students an opportunity to hold a paid position for three to six months. No academic credit is granted, but formal recording of the co-op experience is made on the student's transcript. For more information about internships and co-ops, please visit the Office of Co-op & Career Services homepage.

Additional Financial Aid Information and Options

The RIT Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships website provides additional information and resources to assist you. This includes information on:



For more information please call +1.585.475.6916, send us an email, or request more information.

For quick Admissions decisions and determination for scholarship and financial aid please visit the RIT Office of Graduate Enrollment to apply online.