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The Saunders Experience

Students who attend Saunders College of Business are focused and career-oriented. That does not mean each and every Saunders student knows right off the bat what major field of study or what career he or she will pursue. In fact, some students are undeclared business majors during their first and second years at Saunders.

What it does mean is students are serious about academics and interested in relating everything they learn and do in the classroom to what they ultimately may do on the job. For instance, course projects may involve teaming with classmates to address real business problems for real companies.

Saunders Community

Saunders is one of the smallest of the top business programs in the country; RIT is one of the largest private universities in the country. Students have thus described Saunders as a school-within-a-school, with individualized benefits stemming from the Saunders community and with access to some resources only available at a large, technical university.

Undergraduate class sizes range from 40 students in core business courses to as few as 15 in upper-level courses, while graduate class sizes range from 25 to 35.

There is not a single business course in which students will not know their business professors personally.

Study Abroad Globally with Saunders

Travel abroad with Saunders College of Business at RIT! Via RIT International Campuses and partner universities around the globe, Saunders students have access to Study Abroad opportunities that give them the advantage of international perspective backed by real-world experience.

On-the-Job Experience

While there are more than 150 student organizations and programs across the institute of RIT, Saunders also has its share of college-specific or college-spearheaded programs and organizations, which serve as vehicles connecting the classroom to industry.

For example:

  • Students in the Financial Management Association manage a portfolio of more than $100,000.
  • During tax season, students in Next Generation of Accountants prepare taxes for eligible families in the Rochester area through a program called Creating Assets, Savings & Hope.
  • Through the Lowenthal Service Group, students pair with alumni in their fields of interest to team-teach business and economics lessons to youngsters in city schools.

Clearly, characterizing Saunders students as focused and career-oriented does not mean students do not have lives outside the classroom. In fact, at Saunders, it simply means the real world is their classroom.